Getting an Abortion in Tucson

There is only one clinic that performs abortions in southern Arizona, Planned Parenthood in Tucson.

Southern Arizona Regional Health Center (Planned Parenthood)
2255 N Wyatt Dr
Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday, 8 am-4pm; Thursday & Friday, 7:45 am-4 pm

If you want to get an abortion in Tucson, the first thing you’ll do is call the clinic to make the appointment for your consultation. Arizona law requires that every abortion patient have an initial consultation at least 24 hours before an abortion. When you call the clinic, you may need to wait on hold for 30 minutes or more, depending on how busy the clinic is when you call. You can also make the appointment by going to the clinic in-person if you have the ability to get there. You can also make appointments online

At the consultation, the clinic will confirm your pregnancy and your gestational age (how many weeks pregnant you are) through an ultrasound. This will likely be a vaginal ultrasound, in which an ultrasound wand is inserted into the vagina. Also at the consultation the abortion provider will discuss your abortion options with you, as well as share state-required information about abortions.

If you are in need of transportation assistance to make it to your appointments, you can contact TASC here

The Southern Arizona Regional Health Center Center performs abortions up to 16 weeks in a patient’s pregnancy. People over 16 weeks pregnant in Arizona will need to travel to Phoenix for their abortion procedure. See below for a list of abortion providers in Phoenix.

Abortion Providers in Phoenix:

Acacia Women's Center
(602) 462-5559

Camelback Family Planning
(602) 279-2337

Desert Star Family Planning
(480) 447-8857

Family Planning Associates Medical Group of Phoenix
(602) 553-0440

Full list available online from National Abortion Federation (NAF)

Free Pregnancy Testing

If you think you might be pregnant and need a pregnancy test in Tucson, the following locations offer free testing

TASC has home urine tests available at no cost. If you need a test, a safe place to take it, or support while you take it, contact us

Other free pregnancy testing locations:

Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services
3024 E. Fort Lowell
Free pregnancy tests for anyone 21 and under

Pima County Health Dept / Theresa Lee Clinic
1493 W Commerce

Please be aware that Tucson has several Crisis Pregnancy Centers which offer free pregnancy testing but will not give honest or compassionate information about abortion. For more information, see our Crisis Pregnancy Centers page.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) present themselves as health care clinics for pregnant women. They may claim to provide information and assistance to pregnant women (like free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds), but they are designed to intentionally mislead women who may be considering abortion and may provide medically inaccurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, and abortion. They may actively discourage women from seeking abortions, often using lies, manipulation, and threatening or intimidating language. CPCs may state that they provide “options counseling” or “abortion support” to trick people into entering their facilities.

This is a list of known Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Tucson that should be avoided if you are considering or seeking an abortion.
For a list of other locations in Tucson with non-judgmental, free pregnancy testing, see our
Free Pregnancy Testing page.

Hands of Hope
5240 East Knight Drive Suite 122 (This CPC is a few hundred feet from Planned Parenthood)

Hands of Hope South
6066 S Nogales Hwy

Reachout Pregnancy Center
2648 N. Campbell Ave.

Answers for Life
627 N Swan Rd

Fatima Women's Center
200 S. Stratford Dr

For more information about CPC's:

The Truth about CPC's

Why are CPC's not Illegal?

Abortion Restrictions in Arizona

TASC recognizes that these type of restrictions further stigmatize abortion care and place unfair burdens on those making decisions about their own bodies and lives.
To read more about how we can help people getting abortions in Tucson, read about
what we do

In recent years, a conservative state legislature in Arizona has passed laws that have greatly reduced abortion access in our state.

Arizona law requires that people seeking abortion care attend a mandated consultation appointment at least 24 hours before an abortion (both medical and surgical). This consultation must take place in person with the same doctor who will perform the abortion or hand you the pills for a medication abortion.

A required waiting period not only insults the ability of people to make informed decisions about their own healthcare, but places unnecessary logistical burdens between patients and care. The 24 hour waiting period requires that patients attend two separate appointments -- potentially having to arrange time off of work, find childcare, transportation, and more. Because Tucson is the only place to get abortion care in all of southern Arizona, some patients may be traveling for over 100 miles each way.

State medicaid funds cannot be used for abortions, leaving our community’s lower-income members facing out-of-pocket costs that can total over $1,000.

Other Arizona laws target abortion providers (these laws are known as TRAP laws -- targeted restriction of abortion providers) and have the effect of placing additional burdens on providers, sometimes resulting in the closing of clinics and further restricted access to abortion for patients. Some of these restrictions include:

-Medication abortion can be prescribed only by MDs, not physician’s assistants or Nurse Practitioners

-Abortion consultations cannot be given via telemedicine

- Providers must separate all costs/payment for abortion care from all other care provided to prove that no state or federal funds are used for abortion care

Legal restrictions around abortion access are commonly known as TRAP laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers). For more, read: TRAP Laws: Slowly Chipping Away at Abortion Access