What We Do

We are a Tucson-based collective providing emotional, informational, material, and logistical support to people seeking abortion care.

Seeking abortion care can be really difficult in so many ways, and we seek to be here as support, whatever that looks like for you.

We seek to help eliminate barriers and provide compassionate and inclusive support to anyone who wants an abortion. We know that queer and trans folks, people of color, and other marginalized communities often face additional barriers. We seek to meet each person where they are to provide informative, compassionate, and inclusive care.

Types of Support We Offer

Below are some ways we can offer support to people seeking abortion care, and some examples of what that support could look like.

Informational support: Information about how to access an abortion in Tucson, what to expect at your appointments, how to access additional services, and more. This can happen in person, on the phone, via text, or email -- whatever way you prefer.

Emotional Support: This could include one of our abortion doulas being with you emotionally throughout your experience, phone calls or texts to process any difficult feelings you may have, or someone to check in on you before, during, or after your abortion.

Logistical Support: This could include rides to and from your ultrasound and/or abortion appointments, childcare during/after your abortion, help accessing funding sources for your abortion, and help navigating a judicial bypass if you’re under 18.

Material Support can be: A home pregnancy test and a safe place to take it, things you might need after your abortion like pads, heating pads,  ibuprofen, or a meal.

All support is free and completely confidential.  

Trainings and Education

Part of our mission to is provide important educational opportunities in our region. Please email us at abortionintucson@gmail.com to be added to our email list to be kept up to date on our events, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instragram (@abortionintucson).